Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Training Day

June 14, 2011.

Day one of training with Jodi. Wondering what I've gotten myself into, remembering how much I hate the gym, and psyching myself out, but realizing I can't give up before I've started as I already paid $100 for six 30 minute sessions plus my $400 gym membership (paid in January by the way).

5 minute warm up on the elliptical at level 8 with 95 RPM. Heart rate quickly approached 144. Not as easy to talk, but not feeling bad either, forehead sweaty (yuck).

30 minute session with Jodi to learn the weight machines and a few exercises. Working on legs and arms on the machines, feeling a bit like a wussy girl with my 6 lb weight on the fly curl, reps of 15 aren't that bad, but arms definitely shake on the last 5 of each set.

BOSU ball sucks, but in a good way I think (or at least hope). I can't stand on the thing and keep my balance very well, but I am learning to contract my core muscles and look across the gym at my reflection. Oh you want me to lift free weights while I stand here...yeah right. Somehow I make it work, but my feet hurt and all I can think about is standing on the stupid half ball so I barely notice that I'm lifting weights with my now very tired arm muscles.

Woohoo! A mat! You want me to lie down...I can do that. problem. Lower abs hurt and take a lot of effort, the other three variations were not that bad. Back extension was also easier than I thought.

Session done!!! Onto cardio on my own time. Feel like I'm going to puke. Everything is shakey. Drive home instead with much effort. Lay on couch to stop room from spinning. This really sucks. Wake up 3 hours later and still feeling sick and shakey. Did I mention I hate the gym? Ate some watermelon, drank some water, waited for Chris to come home and rescue me. Told me my sugar must be really low, asked why I didn't eat when I came home, made me drink chocolate milk. Feel better. Need to eat a banana before next workout and drink chocolate milk after.

Day after...muscles sore where arms meet chest and just above inner elbow. Otherwise good. Dreading tomorrow.

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