Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Day On My Own

June 19, 2011.

Today I did not want to get up and go to the gym. I'm glad I did though after much coaxing from Chris.

I did my daily weigh in on Wii fit and was not happy to see I gained back almost half of what I lost in one night. This just reminded me why I hate watching a scale and get no reward from seeing the numbers drop because it is frustrating to see my graph make a fairly straight line. Chris talked me down a bit and explained why this might have happened and reassured me that tomorrow it will go down after I go to the gym today. Guess I do have to get my butt off the couch and put it to work as sleepy as I am. He also reminded me that I am doing some weight training so I am building muscle and will therefore see less weight come off each week as I'm replacing fat with muscle (whereas he did cardio only for the first 50 lbs). Now I know why Jodi wanted me to focus only on my BMI.

Chris and I went to the gym today which was nice because I am now working out for close to an hour and he had a short day today so we wrapped up about the same time. He was also a great assistant for me when I needed an extra set of hands.

I made progress today at the gym so I left feeling rewarded. Plus Jodi told me to drink G2 Gatorade while working out and this prevented my shakiness and quesiness today so I left feeling great. Here's where I'm at with my program (I upped some reps today and will up some weights on Tues):

Cardio 10 min at level 8 for 95 RPM on the elliptical

Leg press 2 sets of 15 toes forward, 2 sets of 15 toes out with 70 lbs
Hip abductor 2/15 inner thighs 65 lbs, 2/15 outer thighs ?more? lbs
Hamstring curl 2/15 55 lbs

Lateral pull down 1/15 55 lbs
Pull towards body (contract shoulders together)? 1/15 27.5 lbs
Chest press 1/15 6 lbs
Fly curl 1/15 6 lbs

While standing on the round side of the BOSU ball:
Bicep curl 2/15 10 lb freeweight in each hand
Tricep press (behind head) 2/15 10 lbs holding one weight with both hands
Shoulder press 2/15 7.5 lb freeweight in each hand

On a mat:
Push through crunches (upper abs) 2/20
Knee up cruches (lower abs) 1/20
Side to side touch crunches (side abs) 1/20 (which is actually 40 touches - 20 each side)
Back extensions (on tummy lift shoulders and feet off ground) 1/20

Stretch out

Close to loving the gym, but not quite there yet.

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