Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Now?

I've always gone to the gym sporadically since I graduated college. Sometimes with great successes, other times more for fun (taking classes with friends). So why now? And, why blog about it?

I have friends that are trying to lose weight and a husband who successfully did lose a weight (lots of it) and I've often wondered how much effort everyone really put into this when they report back that nothing has happened or lots has. I want to keep track for myself, but also thought this would pre-empt any "how did you do it, what is your secret?" questions I will get when I'm successful.

How am I confident that I will be successful? I've never put the effort in before so I never announced I was attempting to reach a goal. Now I'm putting in effort so it feels safe to set goals.

Let's make one thing clear...I hate the gym! Not just a dislike of the gym, but a full on hate of the gym. I don't mind putting in effort and completing hard work, but hard work at the gym leads to many things I really do not like:
- sweating
- feeling like you are going to throw up
- sore muscles
- squeaky machines
- scheduling time to go, workout, shower, and change
- waiting for equipment
- feeling like you can't do something

This blog will be my journey where I learn to love the gym because I honestly want to be someone like my husband who comes home happy after a hard workout and gets sad when I can't make it to the gym. I want the gym to become easier, for me to be able to do more, and for me to want to run through the school playground instead of walk...we'll see how it goes.


  1. I found it was hard at first and then at some point without even realizing it I became sorta addicted to working out. The trick is not to give up if you miss a few days. It will happen. You just will not want to go. Just don't let that drag on for more than a few days or it becomes the new habit. Also, missing once is not the end of the world.

  2. If you believe you can, you have already accomplished that goal. Look back on your life when you read this. Imagine what would have happened if you didn't put the work into the things you needed at the time, school , job, interests, paving your life and it makes you the person you are today.

    A lot of people in this world are very proud of you . I for one am extremely lucky that you came into my life when you did. But heck I could write a novel all onto itself about that.

    Sure not everything in life falls into place when we want it to. But if now is the right time to start and challenge yourself. Why not ?

    If your up to the challenge, I can join you.

    Take care old friend,