Sunday, August 14, 2011


August 14, 2011.

It's no secret that I find it difficult to get my butt to the gym on Sunday mornings, but I enjoy going once I get there and get into my routine. This morning I broke down though. The thought of going to the gym with little more than three hours of sleep after a horrible 12 hour work shift with another 12 hour work shift to come was to much, especially after having been away from the gym for the last week.

Chris copped some attitude with me telling me that I should go, that I wanted to go, and generally making sighs, rolling his eyes at me, and grumbling about how I've paid to go to the gym. He completely pissed me off and I told him to back off and leave me alone because there was no way I was going to the gym.

I stormed off to the living room to eat my bowl of cereal in peace and think about my next move. Was I going to go to the gym just so I didn't have to deal with Chris' attitude and disappointment in me? Which was worse - the idea of going to the gym completely exhausted or looking into my husband's eyes? Or, was I going to dig in my heels and stay home to watch t.v. or go back to sleep for a bit while he was at the gym? I was even going to give up my Sunday morning pancakes because I wasn't going to the gym to work them off. I was so looking forward to them because I bought chicken bacon to get some much needed protein and if I substituted three pieces of bacon for one pancake I'd even be eating less calories.

At this point I remembered that aquafit runs the same time we are at the gym on Sundays. This clearly seemed like my best option. Satisfy Chris by still going to the gym, satisfy myself by still getting in a workout, but still be able to relax and take it easier. Plus, I'd get to go in the pool which is something I love doing.

This may become my new Sunday morning routine. Aquafit itself was pretty boring. The instructor had no enthusiasm and moved in slow motion, but I got a bit of a workout. I even swam laps in the pool afterwards for another 20 minutes. Swimming laps was much more of a workout and much more enjoyable so this could be what I do to break up the routine of my workouts.

This week and next I'm going to the gym 4 nights to do my treadmill, weights, and abs. I'll try and book Jodi in to get a new routine for some variation. My goal is to finally hit the 10lbs mark by my three month weigh-in. When I am successful I will also do an assessment to see my new measurements. I believe it will be possible.

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  1. you leave out the part where you wanted me to push you to go to the gym