Sunday, August 21, 2011

"The Rack" Progress Update

August 21, 2011.

In going through my blog to see how far I've come I realized I overlooked posting my progress on "the rack" program. Perhaps it was because I only did it for 5 sessions from July 5-July 17 before Jodi switched me out to a new program and the fact that she used the same sheet so I didn't bring it home with me. Anyways, here is the progress from that dreaded program...

Elliptical from 22min at level 9 @ 95RPM to treadmill 10min - 3min @3mph with 1% incline, up .2mph every 1 min until 4mph, then 1min @ 4.5mph, 1min @ 3mph

Squat rack from 2/15 with 30lbs to 2/15 with 40lbs
Sumo squat from 2/20 with 10lbs to 2/20 with 17.5lbs
Rack lunges from 2/15 with 30lbs to giving up on this activity

Assited pull-up from 1/10 at 90lbs lifted to stayed the same
Face pull from 2/15 with 30lbs to 2/15 with 42.5lbs

Chest press from 2/15 with 12.5lbs to 2/15 with 17.5lbs
Chest fly from 2/15 with 10lbs to 2/15 with 12.5lbs

Concentration curl from 2/15 with 12.5lbs to stayed the same
Skull crusher from 2/15 with 10lbs to stayed the same
Lateral raise from 2/15 with 7.5lbs to stayed the same

Bosu crunch from 1/15 to Regular crunch on floor 1/20
Bosu twist from 1/12 to Toe touch on floor 1/20
Scissor feet from 1/20 to stayed the same
Double Crunch from 1/15 to omitted from program
Back extension from 1/20 to stayed the same

Stairmill from 1.5min @ 42 steps/min to 1.5min @ 60 steps/min


Part of me is surprised to see progress in only 5 sessions for some excercises, but part of me is disappointed to see I made no progress in other areas or slacked off and eliminated parts of the program. Jodi was right to switch me out of this one and give me something new.

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