Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Intense Cardio Workout

August 18, 2011.

I went to the gym today to run through a new program with Jodi. I expressed my frustration to Chris on the way that I am not seeing the results I want. He advised me I should do an assessment today instead then so I could see for myself. I opted not to, only because I was looking forward to (yes, looking forward to) getting a new program that I could be running through again tomorrow and on Sunday. I've booked my assessment for next Wednesday even though I haven't hit my 10lb mark yet. I need to see some other form of results.

Jodi greeted me with a big smile and informed me that I might hate her because she had planned an intense cardio workout for me that focused on the stairmill because she thought I could handle it now that we are onto our fourth program. I was not as impressed, but glad that I choose to arrive just in time and not early to do a cardio warm-up on the treadmill. Here is the new workout...Not as intense as I thought it would be, but it was still very difficult for me and will increase as I complete it.

Stairmill 5 minutes at 50 steps/minute

Standing next to the stairmill holding 10lb weights complete:
Squats 1/20
Sumo squats 1/20
Squat jumps 1/20
On sliders - Step back lunges 1/20 and Step to the side lateral lunges 1/20
Without weights, on sliders - Mountain climbers 1/8, but keep adding to it (mountain climbers are push-up position sliding feet as if running bringing one knee up to chest)

Stairmill 5 minutes at 50 steps/minute (I was only able to do 3min 45sec)

Standing next to stairmill holding 10lb weights complete:
Bicep curls 1/20
Tricep extension 1/20
Kick back arm rows 1/20
Shoulder press with a squat 1/20
Lateral raise 1/20 (I did 1/10)
Push-ups 1/15 (increase each time)

Abs - free choice of any I like (I'm continuing with my last set of 5 abs)

Stretch Out - with additional stretches and for a longer time (10-15 minutes of stretching)

If stairmill is tied up, use stepper, cybex, or treadmill with same intensity level. Do not use elliptical. May increase time on stairmill as I get better.

Program time: 30 minutes plus stretching

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