Monday, August 15, 2011


August 15, 2011.

I've ended my latest program at the gym and will be getting a new one on Thursday when I meet with Jodi again. I'm very tired of this one because it is hard in some places and really tires out my muscles. I've also felt like I've hit a wall on where I can improve with it so I figured that means it is time to switch it up.

I worked on this program from July 19 to August 15 and only managed to do it eight times, plus one fitness class, one run around the block, one day of at home fitness, and one aquafit class with swimming laps. I should have completed it 12 times by now, but life and lack of motivation got in the way. Here is my progress nonetheless...

Treadmill from 10 min with 1min @ 3.5 and 1min @5.0 to 10 min with 1min @ 3.0 and 1min @ 6.0 with a maximum running time of 3.5 minutes straight at 5.0 one day
Also tried rowing one day for 3 minutes, but machine has been broken or in use since.

Split squat from 2/15 with back foot on step to 2/15 with back foot on bench
Bosu squat from 2/15 on round side of Bosu to 2/15 on flat side of Bosu
Lateral Bosu squat from 1/14 to 2/16
Hamstring curl with ball from 1/15 to 2/15

Pullovers from 1/15 with 15lbs to 2/15 with 20lbs
Chest Fly from 2/15 with 12.5lbs to 2/15 with 15lbs
One arm row from 1/15 with 15lbs to 2/15 with 20lbs
Incline bicep curl from 2/15 with 12.5lbs to 1/15 with 15lbs, 1/15 with 12.5lbs
Tricep kick back from 1/15 with 10lbs to 2/15 with 12.5lbs
Shoulder rotations 1/15 with 7.5lbs - no change

Push-ups 1/20, 1/20 - no change
Mod V sit 1/20 - no change
Bicycle crunch 1/20 - no change
Leg drop from 1/10 to 1/20
Crunch 1/20 - no change
Alternating superman from 1/10 on each side to 1/20 on each side

Stretching - flexibility has increased

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