Monday, August 1, 2011

A Run, a Stretch, and Some Abs

August 1, 2011.

I did not make it to the gym this morning. I was climbing into bed last night at midnight when Chris asked me if I still planned to go to the gym this morning. The thought of getting less than 7 hours sleep before my third 12 hour shift of work was too much to contemplate so I responded if I woke up on my own early enough I would go, but if I could sleep in I would need the sleep. After laying awake in bed until nearly 1am when my cat's crying could be tolerated no more I climbed out of bed to play fetch with him (yes fetch) so he would leave me alone. I was really appreciating my decision to sleep in at this point. I did sleep in, but not by much.

To console myself and my lack of ambition this past week I am going to revel in my mini accomplishments from Sunday when I was feeling at my worst...

A Run
I hopped on the treadmill with my iPod and some "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" by Katie Tunstall (times two) followed by some "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera and decided I was going to avoid looking at the timer and just run until I couldn't run anymore. This lasted about 1min 15sec before I tired, but I pushed myself to 2min. I changed my goal to 2min sprints at 5mph followed by a 1min walk at 3mph. I got to my fourth sprint before I gave out at 1.5min and had to walk the remaining time. I was still impressed by my success.

A Stretch
Chris and I were stretching out on the equipment and he was showing me some new moves to keep things interesting for me. Either that or he is secretly trying to help me be able to do the splits (something I've always wanted to be able to do - but have never even been able to touch my toes). Anyway, I was seated on the floor with my legs splayed open pulling myself forward by holding onto a rope and pressing my calves into two pads to get a better stretch when Chris tried to console me by telling me it will get better soon. I responded by telling him, yeah right I can't even stretch to the side to touch my toes. As I said the words I reached over and lo and behold I not only touched my right toes I grabbed onto my foot. Shocker! I had to try my left foot I was so surprised and yes I could grab that foot too! Wow! Some days I even surprise myself.

Some Abs
There was a time a few months ago, even a few weeks ago, where I hated doing ab work. I was so tired and exhausted by the end of my workout that the last thing I wanted to do was work my core muscles even though it allowed me to lie on the ground on a soft cushy mat. Yesterday I was too drained to do anything else and actually chose to do my ab work about halfway through my workout routine because I thought it would be easier (yes, easy) than my leg and arm exercises. Today they were a breeze. No issues with my ab workout at all. Even made me feel like I could go back and complete a couple more arm or leg bits that I skipped. Today I even got down on the concrete floor at work and did a few of the ab crunches just to get out of my office chair. Who would have thought?

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