Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Results Are In (Assessment)

I finally agreed to get an assessment of my measurements done at the gym to compare to the ones taken before I started working out with my trainer. Chris was getting tired of hearing me complain. The results are encouraging...

My awesome trainer Jodi takes three types of measurements so you can really see the changes in your body. She advised most people just measure their weight loss (and sometimes body fat) and therefore become disappointed and give up easily on their workouts because they do not see the changes they are looking for as soon as they would like. I am no different.

Between June 7, 2011 and August 24, 2011 I have...
lost 4.4lbs and lost 1.2% body fat.
These results have frustrated me as I feel like I am not progressing. For example, this week I went to the gym every day and I maintained the same weight, then went up in weight today. I'm heading in the right direction though because I am down overall still and will continue on this path.

The second type of measurement trainers usually take are tape measure measurements to see inches lost. This is a better indicator of progress because you are building muscle while you work out so sometimes you do not lose a lot of weight, but you do drop in clothing sizes. I definitely have seen results here and my stats prove it.

Between June 7, 2011 and August 24, 2011 I have...
lost .5cm on both my right and left upper arms
lost 2.5cm around my chest
lost 8cm on my waist
stayed the same for my hips
stayed the same on my right thigh, but went up .5cm on my left thigh
lost 1cm on both my right and left calves
I'm very happy with these results, especially my waist. Jodi said girls hang onto the weight on their hips for a long time, but that I should see it drop by my next assessment because of all the stairs I'm climbing.

The third measurement that most people and trainers do not check is your skinfolds. Jodi does these because it really shows how fat you lost by replacing it with muscle. One of my measurements shocked Jodi so much that she measured me a second time (thinking she made an error) because she had never seen such a significant change.

Between June 7, 2011 and August 24, 2011 I have...
lost 9mm on my bicep skinfold
lost 21mm on my tricep skinfold
lost 3mm on my illiac (part of upper arm) skinfold
lost 6mm on my subscap (back) skinfold
stayed the same on my calf skinfold (which Jodi was not surprised by because my calves are very muscular and my skin is super tight)

Glad I went to the gym today and didn't put off my assessment. Will continue doing what I'm doing. Loving the gym today.

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