Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Morning Sweat

August 7, 2011.

I made progress this weekend!!!

* I dropped .8kgs since my weigh-in yesterday so I'm feeling better and like I'm back on track.
* I did a waist measurement on my own because I couldn't tell if my shorts were getting looser from wearing them or because I lost an inch. It looks like it was a combo of the two because my shorts fell down today on my way into work while I was juggling an armful of stuff in the rain.
* I raised the bar one notch for my leg stretch and can now reach past the rope for my split stretch.
* I incresed some of my weights for my arm freeweights.
* I can do more reps in a row before I tire on my difficult exercises.
* I ran 2 minutes, walked 1 min for 10 minutes total and didn't feel like I was going to die (although I did not want to try for 3 minutes)
* I barely drank my G2 so I'm not feeling queasy anymore at the gym.

I still hate getting sweaty, but I'm learning to deal with it as it is now inevitable. My new routine has me drenched front and back (see pics below) like it should be to recognize that you actually put in the work at the gym and didn't just go to socialize (as I used to). I now leave butt prints on everything I sit on at the gym. I used to tell Chris this was gross when he did it, now I cringe at myself and wipe up my own mess. On the plus side a butt print makes your butt look tiny.

Today Chris even made me poached eggs for breakfast after our shower. They were overdone and watery, but still very yummy. All round happy day.

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