Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm My Own Worst Critic

August 3, 2011.

I was at the gym yesterday with Jodi working out when she asked me how I've been feeling about my workouts. I told her that I came to the gym to feel better and that I did indeed feel better, however I was not seeing the physical results I thought I would by this point in time. She told me I am my own worst critic as I won't see the changes that other people will be coming up to me saying. She's right because a few people have told me about some things they've noticed while others at they gym that see me there often have told me I'm kicking butt. I was really hoping that I would be down 15lbs by the time I did my assessment at the end of August. It's not looking that way, but I still plan to do one just to see.

I showed up late to my training session with Jodi so I only had a few minutes to warm up on the treadmill before we met. I chose to run without looking at the timer until I was so tired I had to hit the stop button to shut it down. I ran for 3.5 minutes which is 1.5minutes longer than I've run before. I walked it out for 1.5 minutes and then sprinted at 6mph for another minute just to see if the faster speed made it easier to run. It did, but it didn't if that makes sense.

Jodi kept my workout routine the same as I am still struggling through it and have not increased a lot of my weights. She did, however, make it more challenging in a few areas (squats are now on flat side of BOSU so it is like doing them on a Pogo ball, and lunges now have my back foot on a bench instead of step). I also have to do more lateral lunges in my repetitions and two sets instead of one. I really hate these!

Here's hoping things improve this week - so far so good!

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