Friday, July 15, 2011

New Workout Breakdown

July 15, 2011.

Jodi taught me a new workout routine 4 sessions ago. It is the one that involves "the rack" that I mentioned so fondly earlier. Here is the complete breakdown of what I did yesterday though for this new workout plan. I'm meeting with Jodi again on Tuesday to make sure I'm still doing it right and pushing myself as I'm not seeing the increases as quickly as last time and I'm not losing weight.

Elliptical 22min at level 9 and 95RPM
Elliptical 10min at level 10 doing 15 seconds sprints at 120RPM every minute
Treadmill 10 min - 1% incline at 3.5mph for first 3 min then 0% incline but raise speed by .1mph every minute until I reach 4.0mph which is my top walking speed it seems
***Add stairmill in when I can - which currently is one session of 1.5min at 60 steps/min***

Squat Rack 2/15 at 30lbs
Sumo Squat (next to rack holding freeweight) 2/20 at 15lbs
Rack Lunges 1/15 at 30lbs - haven't been able to do 2 sets yet
Assisted Pull-up 1/8 lifting 90lbs (setting is different as it is balanced with your own weight) aiming for 15, but very hard to do
Face Pull 2/15 at 42.5lbs

Free Weights (on bench)
Chest Press 2/15 at 15lbs
Chest Fly 2/15 at 12.5lbs
Concentration Curl 2/15 at 12.5lbs
Skull Crusher 2/15 at 10lbs
Lateral Raise (standing) 1/15 at 7.5lbs can't do two sets yet
***It is annoying to have to grab 4 different sets of free weights so hoping to up some soon***

BOSU Crunch (sit on BOSU, arch back then sit up all the way) 1/8 - goal 1/20
*gave up and started doing my regular crunches 1/20*
BOSU Twist (sit on BOSU, arch back then sit all the way up touching opposite elbow and knee)
*gave up and started doing my regular toe touches*
Scissor Feet (lie on mat, raise legs and cross right leg over left then under left - counts as 1) 1/20
Double Crunch - forgot what this was, but remember it was super hard when Jodi showed me
Back Extensions 1/20 just like before

Stretch Out
Same routine, but hard to explain
Definitely more flexible and stronger now

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