Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in Week 6

July 23, 2011.

My goal for this week was to go to the gym everyday Sun-Thu. I went to the gym Sun, Tue, and Thu as per normal. I did not add in the extra days. I'm finally done working during the week so the next three weeks should allow me to go to the gym more frequently to try and speed up this process before my next assessment. I will be painting my house, cleaning the yard, and purging the house of junk so that will keep me busy and active as well. Looking forward to what is to come...

I still did amazingly well this week and lost .9kgs or 2lbs. I have lost 6.6lbs to date. Looks like I'm losing 1lb a week on average which will make my journey slow, but healthy.

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