Thursday, July 21, 2011

Metabolism Is Kicking In

July 21, 2011.

Recently I was told that I wouldn't see consistent and great drops in my weight until my metabolism kicked in and realized it was okay for me to give up the body fat that I have currently. Well today I think it finally decided to purge my system.

At first I thought it was just all the ab work I am doing in my new routine that has gotten my gut churning, but after tonight's workout Chris could only laugh at me as I ran back and forth to the washroom a record number of times during our Jeopardy games. Gross, I know, but I aim to provide the reality of my weight loss and fitness journey.

Today I also got sweatier than I've ever been before. I hate sweating. I hate dripping all over the equipment, tasting the saltiness on my lips, getting it in my eyes, and most of all peeling off sweaty clothing. Up until now it has been mostly my head that has been really sweaty and my back and chest a bit. Chris has wondered how I can wear yoga pants to workout in as he sweats through underwear and shorts during his workout, yet my bottom half remains dry. Today I was sweaty head to toe and now understand why a breeze up your shorts could be refreshing.

Program-wise I completely forgot how to do several parts of the new program Jodi showed me on Tuesday. I got very frustrated trying to figure them out. Chris tried to help me out while running 8km on his treadmill, but his help was not enough to get me through without having a full demonstration. Luckily, at my "I'm giving up at trying to figure this out" point one of the other trainers showed up at the gym. He kindly helped me out and gave me a high five for my great work.

Today I left the gym feeling hot, sweaty, slightly ill (possibly from the heat, the workout, and a headache), starving, and exhausted. Not liking what the gym is doing to my body tonight, but am sure I will be happy looking at the scale tomorrow.

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