Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in 1 month

July 9, 2011.

So it's been a whole month of working out and weighing myself. Today it didn't seem worth it. I hopped on the scale and was disappointed to see that I only dropped a little overall this week (and in fact gained .6 kgs from my lowest weight to date which was on Wednesday). I don't understand how this happens. I put in the work. I eat decently. I get better at what I'm doing at the gym. And, ta-dah I only lose a small amount of weight. Frustrating.

Chris keeps telling me that I'm still doing well. I'm losing about a pound a week and I am increasing the amount of weight I lift and the amount and intensity of the cardio I am doing. I still feel like I'm putting forth way too much effort for very little reward in terms of weight loss. I'm looking forward to doing a weigh-in at the gym in another month so I can see if my body fat is going down much more drastically. At least that way I will know I'm being successful.

Today my abs still hurt from my Tuesday workout. I tried to do my abs again on Friday and got eight reps done before it hurt too much to sit up. My thighs are sore and almost give out when I go to sit down from all the squats and lunges I'm doing. But, my arms are feeling pretty decent. Although, I had an awkward incident on the assited pull-up machine yesterday where I pushed myself to the point I couldn't pull myself up again. I had to figure out how I was getting off my knees on a seat on the ground that would spring up past my head when my weight was no longer on it. I'm sure I looked hilarious.

Weight loss this week: a whopping .2kgs or .4lbs

Weight loss after one month: 2kgs or 4.4lbs

Overall I'm feeling defeated, but maybe tomorrow will be better after another workout.

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