Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in Week 7

July 30, 2011.

After a whole week of eating out lunch and dinner and barely working out (just Sunday, Monday, and a fitness class Tuesday) I completed my weigh-in this morning. I miss being at the gym. I actually started enjoying going to the gym every other day and I definitely felt its absence with my busy schedule this week. I'm looking forward to returning tomorrow and Monday morning before work otherwise three 12 hour shifts of office work sitting in a chair will kill my back. Also, I meet with Jodi again on Tuesday and don't feel like I've done enough with my program to show her.

This week the final results are:

.8 kgs up in weight or 1.7 lbs this week

2.2 kgs down or 4.9 lbs overall

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