Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Morning Pancakes

July 17, 2011.

Sunday morning workouts have not been my favourite, but today I actually enjoyed myself. I woke up and climbed out of bed with only one prompt, hopped on Wii Fit (went down .2kg), got dressed, and grabbed a banana to go with Chris' promise to have pancakes when we returned since we left early enough to do so today.

Sunday mornings are not that busy at the gym so it is quiet, machines are fairly empty so no waiting, sitcoms play on tv (instead of news and sports), and people are friendly. Today an old guy was lapping the walking track at a walking pace I certainly would not be able to keep up with, but he was still shouting hellos and calling out nicknames to people as he passed. I've also noticed that there is another couple that works out Sunday mornings the same time as Chris and I. They are older and start earlier than us, but we finish our abs and stretching together most Sundays. It makes me think of Chris and I 30 years down the road.

My workout went well. I still hate lunges on the rack so I skipped them, but I increased some of my weights. I also jogged on the treadmill for a whole minute! Small goals=more celebrations.

My pancakes with warmed peaches and syrup on top were well deserved and delicious. At 700 calories for this treat I think I can be happy making it a once a month experience.

Goal for this week: To work out every day Sun-Thu to try and get better weight loss results. Friday I'm taking off to prep the house for painting and Saturday I want to sleep in.

Mild annoyance: Working out and lifting all those weights makes my fingers swell up and then I have to jam my wedding rings back on my finger. Ouch.

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