Sunday, July 10, 2011


July 10, 2011.

So today as I lay sprawled out on my workout mat complaining that I didn't have it in me to finish my ab exercises Chris decided to give me some words of encouragement. "You can do. It only gets harder the longer you wait. Get going." Genious isn't he? lol Needless to say it wasn't very inspirational or helpful, but he also took the time to remind me that the gym takes SACRIFICE. This only irked me more because I would rather be home sleeping and eating pancakes on a Sunday morning than be lying on a mat all sweaty with exhaustion, but it got me thinking...

Sacrifices I do not like making for the gym:
-giving up sleep
-pancake breakfasts
-time away from relaxation/tv watching
-money spent on the gym/workout clothes
-eating whatever I want whenever I want
-doing more laundry

Sacrifices I do like making for the gym:
-my favourite pants are too big
-I can't complain that the cat litter/other items are too heavy to lift
-I feel more energized and therefore don't want to lay and rest
-my personality changed because I want to go to the gym
-my butt got an uplift because my underwear are saggy
-I spend time thinking about doing things I never thought possible (ie. Warrior Dash)
-gaining flexibility (I moved the leg stretching pole up a notch today)
-making the gym a priority without getting any flack for it (sorry time for gym or grass cutting)

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  1. likes win 8-6 over the dislikes! :) I'm proud of you!