Saturday, July 2, 2011

Typical Meal Plan Weekday

I noted earlier that I would post what I typically eat in day for my 1500-2000 calories as dieting seems to be the focus of so many people I talk to that are trying to lose weight. There are very few things I changed so I haven't found it hard to keep within my calorie limit (although there are some evenings that I wish I could eat an extra chocolate bar and have to show restraint).

Breakfast (avg. 300 calories)
- usually a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with skim milk 300 calories
- sometimes 2 eggs (poached, scrambled, or omelet with cheese) and white toast with butter 350-400 calories

Lunch (avg. 500 calories)
- bottle of water 0 calories
- 1 package Oreo Thinsations 100 calories
- individual cottage cheese 90 calories
- yogurt cup 35 calories
- piece of fruit 50-100 calories
- cheese and crackers or veggies with hummus/light cream cheese 200 calories

4pm Snack (avg. 200 calories)
Note: if we eat dinner early (6pm) I have a 9pm snack of 100 calories instead
- donut or chocolate bar or ice cream treat and a green tea or bottled water 100-250 calories

Dinner (avg. 600 calories)
Note: we eat late around 8:30pm most nights
- one portion meat (chicken, lamb, fish, pork, sometimes beef) with two types of veggies (carrots, corn, parsnips, peas, beans, broccoli, salad) or a starch (rice, potatoes) and a veggie 500-600 calories
- or pasta with shrimp/chicken/tofu and veggies in a tomato/alfredo sauce 400-500 calories
- glass of skim milk 100 calories

Total 1600 calories on average which allows me to have an extra treat (like pop) or go out for dinner instead which is almost always more calories.

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