Saturday, July 2, 2011

A-typical Meal Plan Weekend

On weekends I still stick to my calorie count, but my meal plan is all over the place. I snack more and eat more frequently while at the office so I try and take things that accommodate this desire. Every weekend day is a-typical so I'll give you yesterday as an example:

- 9am (420 calories) Ate two poached eggs and two pieces of toast with butter and a glass of skim milk as Chris decided we needed to use up our eggs that were about to expire. Funny how he asked me what I would like for breakfast then decided that he didn't know how to make paoched eggs so I ended up making us breakfast while he cleaned the kitchen. This usually happens on pancake day as well.

- 11am (140 calories) drank a pop

- 11:30am (300 calories) ate lasagna from last night's dinner

- 12:30pm (100 calories) cut up a fresh pineapple and snacked on pieces of it, sipped at a bottle fo water

- 1:30pm really wishing I had chocolate right now, rooted through purse for stray candy, pulled apart locker, nothing found, realized I hadn't finished pop so drank sugary goodness with content

- 2:30pm (50 calories) ate more pineapple

- 4:30pm (400 calories) have really been craving something sweet to snack on (timbits or Reese's mini peanut butter cups would be awesome right now) ate a bowl of Golden Grahams with skim milk, so full now I might explode - obviously eating out of boredom right now

- 7pm (200 calories) ate two celery sticks with light cream cheese, drank more water

- 8:30pm (100 calories) finished pineapple

Total calories 1290

Went home thinking would eat a 100 calorie ice cream because I'm still craving sugar and have extra calories to use. Got distracted talking to Chris and was then too tired to have debate with Chris that ice cream is a perfectly good snack at 11:30pm at night so didn't even bother to go get one. Climbed into bed and had Chris read me the end of the first chapter of The Hobbit.

Note: Still craving ice cream when I woke up so got an ice cream cone for breakfast on the way to work at 10:30am (700 calories). I'm not perfect, but I'm happy.

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