Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mini Miracles

July 3, 2011.

This Tuesday I will be meeting with my amazing trainer to get a new program because she said when I get bored of my program my body has gotten bored of my program and it is time to switch things up. I thought I'd give a little summary of what I've accomplished since my first training session with Jodi on June 14th.

I've only gone to the gym 7 times in total including that first training session and here are my mini miracles as of today:

- That 700 calorie ice cream for breakfast (and 2000 calories eaten) yesterday resulted in a .3kg weight loss this morning
- Chris told me my butt was looking good today because it is starting to round out (as he made a motion over my butt at the gym to demonstrate). I don't see it, but I'll take it.
- Laying in bed last night I thought "these don't look like my arms anymore". Now I know why Chris is always checking himself out in the mirror.
- I can walk all the way around our kitchen table without tipping a chair to squeeze between the cupboards and the pushed in chairs.
- It takes longer for my heart rate to increase while doing cardio and it steadies out at a lower rate.

The gym stats (increases over 7 sessions - 2 with a trainer):

Decline Leg Press from 2/30 at 50lbs to 2/30 at 100lbs
Adductor/Abductor from 1/15 at 70 & 140lbs to 2/15 at 90 & 175lbs
Hamstring Curl from 1/15 at 50lbs to almost 2/15 at 60lbs
Lat Pulldown from 1/15 at 60lbs to 2/15 at 60lbs
Seated Row 1/15 at 27.5lbs to almost 2/15 at 27.5lbs
Cable Chest Press 1/15 at 6lbs to almost 2/15 at 8lbs
Cable Chest Fly 1/15 at 6lbs to 2/15 at 4lbs

On the BOSU Ball:
Hammer Curl 1/15 at 10lbs to 2/15 at 12.5lbs
Tricep Extension 1/15 at 10lbs to 2/15 at 12.5lbs
Shoulder Press 1/15 at 7.5lbs to 2/15 at 10lbs

On a mat (did not increase):
Push Through Abs 1/20
Knee In Abs 1/20
Oblique Crunches 1/20 (right touch left touch counts as one)
Back Extension 1/20

Stretch Out:
I can hold myself up now on the angled platforms and I raised the leg bar one notch higher.

Elliptical from 10min, 95RPM, level 8 to 20min, 95-100RPM, level 9

Today the gym exhausted me (first thing in the morning workouts really suck), but today I love the gym. :)

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