Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Program

July 23, 2011.

Here's my newest program to the best of my memory. I'm waiting on Jodi to print me off the new sheet so it is easier to follow, but I'm hoping after tomorrow morning's run through I will remember what needs to be done without having to check my sheet each time. What I really like about it is that I do the entire program in one corner of the gym and don't have to wait for any machines and have very little set-up time inbetween. This means my heart rate stays high the entire time.

Treadmill 11 min - 1 min @ 3.5mph and 1 min @ 5.0mph I will be increasing this by 2-4 minutes each day until I reach 20 min, then I will run 2 min sprints @5.0.
Swimming (now that I'm off for a few weeks I hope to swim laps after my gym workout)

Lunge - back leg is up on a step 2/15 per leg
Squat - while standing on a BOSU 2/15
Lateral Squat - right foot on BOSU, step on with left, down on ground with right to your right, squat. Repeat moving to the left 2/14
Hamstring Pulls - lie on back on a mat, place medium-size ball under feet, raise hips of floor, pull feet in towards butt rolling the ball in then back out 2/15

Fly Curls - lie on back on large ball and then walk out until it is under your shoulders, lift hips, contract abs, squeeze butt so it looks like you are lying on a flat bench, fly curl as normal 2/15 @ 15lbs
Pullovers - in same position as above, hold one weight in both hands as they are stretched out above your head in line with your body, raise arms up 90 degrees and lower 2/15 @ 15lbs
Incline Curls - on an angled bench (like in a recliner) hold a weight in each hand dangling towards the floor, curl arms up 2/15 @ 12.5lbs
One Arm Row - kneel on bench with one leg stretched out behind you touching floor for balance, on same side hold a freeweight and pull up to your armpit like you are starting a lawn mower 2/15 @ 15lbs
Kickbacks - standing up tall, rotate shoulders back, stick butt out so you are bent slightly forward with a straight back, bend elbows and hold freeweights near armpits, stretch arms backwards 2/15 @ 10lbs
Scarecrows - standing tall, hold arms out to side at 90 degrees, bend elbows so hands and weights are towards ground (elbows level with shoulders), rotate at shoulder to raise weights so hands point up, then rotate so hands point down again 1/15 @ 7.5lbs

Push-ups - on mat 2/20, but try to beat record each time
V-sit Crunches - raise knees in towards chest and feet to butt (hold here) and do crunches 1/20
Bicycles - hands behind head, touch opposite elbow and knee, left/right counts as one 1/20
Leg Drops - start with legs up at 90 degrees to body, lower and raise legs 1/20
Crunches - 1/20
Alternating Supermans - kneel on all fours on mat, stretch opposite arm and leg out, touch hand to knee as you bring both in under your stomach, repeat process 1/10, then repeat on other side 1/10

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