Sunday, July 24, 2011

1 Minute is a Long Time

July 24, 2011.

Sometimes at the gym time drags on and on and on and on forever and I feel like I'm never going to be done. Sometimes it seems to pass by so quickly I can't believe I've been at the gym for an hour.

A minute is a long time when...

  • you are running on a treadmill for one minute sprints (30 seconds is good, 45 is do-able, 1 minute is tiring)

  • you are walking on a treadmill betweeen sprints, but are not out of breath yet

  • you say to yourself "I can do just one more minute" then realize in the process "Yes I can, but why did I decide to do it today because really I want to stop".

  • you are constantly glancing at your time left

  • you only have 1 minute left of any exercise

  • you are holding a stretch for 15 seconds times two legs or arms and you do it twice

  • you are waiting for a machine, piece of equipment, floor space, or the water fountain

  • you are waiting for Chris to change to go home

A minute goes by fast when...

  • you watch two to three t.v. commercials instead of your timer

  • you are listening to an upbeat tune on your iPod

  • you people watch (especially the old guy who walks laps faster than anyone I know)

  • you are gasping for breath on the treadmill after three sprints

  • you first get on a machine

  • you play with the buttons and features on a machine

  • you concentrate on number of sets or reps or exercises to complete

  • you do not look at any clocks or timers

  • you sit/lay down for a breather between set/exercises

Number of minutes spent at the gym today: 80 minutes

Number of minutes spent actually working out: 65 minutes

Number of minutes spent chatting, waiting for Chris, running to the fountain, etc.: 15 minutes

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